A Winning Mobile Experience

The Right Environment for Mobile Members & Partners

Focus on Developing the Optimal Smartphone & Tablet Experience:

  • Mobile and email design that translates into the same engaging PCH experience on mobile devices
  • Interactive elements on mobile web pages that enable easier use on mobile devices
  • Faster downloadable pages
  • Dynamic targeting to ensure advertising reaches its audience:
  • Device/Carrier/Operating System
  • Geo/Gender/Age
  • Day of Week/ Time of Day
  • Select Affinities

Applications & Sites for Mobile Members

Our mobile channels allow advertisers to make instant connections with a powerful engaged audience. PCH mobile apps and sites provide unique opportunities to reach our smartphone and tablet users for both branding and acquisition campaigns. Our growing roster of mobile sites offer high-impact opportunities including 300×250 full page interstitials, pre-roll video, app installs and lead gen offers.

Mobile Applications

  • PCH Sweeps
  • PCH Cash Slots
  • PCH Lotto Blast

Mobile Web Pages

  • PCH.com
  • PCH Lotto
  • PCH Games
  • PCH Blackjack
  • PCH Casino
  • PCH Frontpage