A Winning Mobile Experience

The Right Environment for Mobile Members & Partners

Focus on Developing the Optimal Smartphone & Tablet Experience:

  • Mobile and email design that translates into the same engaging PCH experience on mobile devices
  • Interactive elements on mobile web pages that enable easier use on mobile devices
  • Faster downloadable pages
  • Surveying mobile members regularly
  • Dynamic targeting to ensure advertising reaches its audience
  • Device/Operating System
  • Geo/Gender/Age/HHI
  • Select Affinities

Applications & Sites for Mobile Members

Our mobile channels allow advertisers to make instant connections with a powerful engaged audience. PCH mobile apps provide unique opportunities to reach our smartphone and tablet users for both branding and acquisition campaigns. Our growing roster of mobile sites offer high-impact banner positions including 300×250 display inventory, as well as full page video pre-roll placements.


Mobile Applications

  • PCH Sweeps
  • PCH Cash Slots

Mobile Web Pages

  • PCH.com
  • PCH Lotto
  • PCH Blackjack
  • PCH Frontpage